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PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia Tbk merupakan perusahaan yang berbasis di Indonesia yang utamanya bergerak dalam pemeliharaan pesawat. Segmen usaha Perusahaan terbagi ke dalam tujuh segmen. Segmen usaha Base Maintenance menyediakan jasa heavy check rutin, modifikasi besar dan pengecatan eksterior pesawat, dan lainnya. Segmen usaha Component Services menyediakan jasa repair and overhaul untuk instrument pesawat dan control elektonik. Segmen usaha Cabin Maintenance menyediakan jasa perawatan kabin seperti pembersihan interior dan eksterior pesawat serta fumigasi, antara lainnya. Segmen usaha Line Maintenance menyediakan jasa pre-flight check, transit check and daily check. Segmen usaha Outstation Line Maintenance menyediakan jasa Line Maintenance di seluruh Indonesia. Segmen usaha Engine Maintenance menyediakan jasa perawatan mesin pesawat terbang. Segmen usaha Other Maintenance mencakup jasa material, jasa teknik dan furnitur dan layanan pelapis, antara lainnya.

GMF Internship Program Batch 3.2

As part of realization of GMF commitments to develop Indonesian talent workforce, our internship program can provide opportunities for college students to work alongside experienced professionals to develop new skills and qualifications. Put into practice what you have learnt at university and give you exposure to what working life is like at GMF.

During the program, you will undertake challenging and relevant work through our Total Solution Aircraft Maintenance.

You will also be assigned a supervisor who will be responsible for looking after and guiding you throughout your entire internship period. At the completion of the internship, participants will receive an e-certificate that has been issued following the internship program authorized by the company so that it can be used as a reference in your CV or portfolio.

Who Can Apply :

  • College students (D4/S1 minimum in 6th semester or D3 minimum in 5th semester) from following majors
  • Active in organizational skills
  • Willing to do full-time internship for 1-3 months or more (work from office)
  • Willing to follow company rules and other rules applicable

Required requirements

  1. Cover Letter from University
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Latest Transcript
  4. Proposal Internship

*Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Company has the rights to assess and select internship applications based on the requirements, availability of coach and office facilities, relevancy, and other considerations.

Registration period : March 9th – 19th, 2023

College students (D4/S1 minimum in 6th semester or D3 minimum in 5th semester) from following majors can apply internship

D4/S1 D3
Aircraft Maintenance Planner Aircraft Cabin Technician
Aircraft Structure Technician Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Business Contract Officer Aircraft Structure Technician
Business Process Analyst Content Creator
Business Strategy Specialist
Content Creator
Corporate Communication Officer
Corporate Legal & Governance Analyst
Data Analyst
Design Engineer
Enterprise Governance IT Officer
loT Engineer
Material Expeditor
Network Design Engineer
Organization Design Specialist
Performance & Reward Specialist
Project Management Officer
Safety Promotion & Communication
Social Media Specialist
Supply Chain Analyst
System Analyst
Technical Writer
UI/UX Designer
Web/App Developer

Let’s learn and get to know firsthand how the aircraft maintenance industry is run at the largest MRO in Indonesia. Register yourself in the GMF Internship program and gain a lot of experience by working and seeing the world’s largest narrow-body aircraft maintenance hangar.

We can’t wait to see you getting on board, Aerofolks!

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  • Closing Date: 19 Mar 2023
Perhatian: Kami tidak pernah meminta imbalan atau biaya dalam bentuk apapun terhadap rekrutmen disitus ini apabila ada pihak yang mengatasnamakan kami atau perusahaan meminta biaya seperti transportasi atau akomodasi atau yang lainnya bisa dipastikan itu PALSU.